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Our discount strategy has been conceived to characterize the circumstances under which Craftwebz will give a discount, the technique for guaranteeing a discount and the obligation of Craftwebz in conditions bringing about such a case. By enrolling for any of our administrations you are pronouncing that you acknowledge and concur with every one of the agreements framed in the discount strategy.

Everything the data that we gather is used for bettering our site's substance, to tell the clients about our site refreshes or to investigate the issue with their solicitation. On the off chance that you would rather not get any email from us later on, kindly illuminate us by sending in to us either through email or letter.


Our discount strategy covers the discounts by Craftwebz as well as a site possessed and oversaw by Craftwebz an innovative computerized organization.

This arrangement has no application for organizations which are not possessed or constrained by Craftwebz or for people not utilized or oversaw by Craftwebz. This incorporates any outsider help and/or item suppliers limited by contract and furthermore, any outsider sites to which Craftwebz site interface.


At Craftwebz an imaginative computerized organization we take each task while focusing on the end result. It is as much our obligation as the client's. In this way, we accept that each work ought to be made to arrive at an answer that is completely OK proportionally in the event of any circumstance where disappointment connected with administrations comes. The fact that refund ought to be viewed as makes right when things all the way crazy.

Our last point is to come to a commonly satisfactory arrangement. And still, at the end of the day if for reasons unknown you are not fulfilled and contemplate going for a discount guarantee, it is our solicitation that you require out a couple of valuable minutes to keep in touch with us for a last discourse preceding mentioning a discount.

Provided that we can't arrive at a shared conviction with you after talks should a discount guarantee be recorded.


At Craftwebz an imaginative computerized organization each venture is critical to us and we ensure that we handle each undertaking with extreme attention to detail and incredible skill. Our point is to give the outcomes according to the agreements of the proposition. Be that as it may, regardless of each and every action in the event that the client isn't happy with the outcomes and decides to go for the question goal process, we consider discount demands according to the accompanying project where our administrations and discount strategy connected with each help is obviously recorded:

Site | Web/Graphic plan | Delivery Time

Full discount: In situations where the undertaking has not been begun or on the other hand in the event that the underlying plan style has not been endorsed. The Full Refund strategy will start after get the forthright installment date and will require 180 Days to discount the sum.

Fractional discount: If there is an inability to convey according to our conveyance strategy after the endorsement of the underlying plan style. The fractional discount will be in relation to the work finished.

No discounts: If the undertaking has been finished and transferred on the server.


NOTE: Craftwebz conveyance responsibility is dependent upon:

A task isn't taken to be void except if the settled upon installments are clear.

Discount strategy isn't relevant on the off chance that the necessary data for the fruitful finish of the task isn't given to us at appropriate time. On the off chance that there is deferral or disappointment in fruition of the task because of ill-advised correspondence from client, it can't be credited to Craftwebz.

Assuming that the data given by the client is fragmented or potentially complete data in regards to the venture isn't given at the commencement of the task, Craftwebz isn't obligated to follow its conveyance or discount responsibilities.

There is no arrangement for pay for the deferral of conveyance for any reason, until and except if there is an understanding endorsed with a punishment provision for postpone in conveyance.


Craftwebz responsibility is limited by the worth of the piece of the undertaking (according to our proposition) which stays deficient at a given point of time. Craftwebz isn't committed for misfortunes because of the administrations gave/not gave or the postpone in that frame of mind anytime of time. The responsibility to discount holds provided that the venture has been dropped by the client and such wiping out has been conveyed to Craftwebz recorded as a hard copy.


The halfway discounts will be handled and sent inside 180 work days of the date of dropping and will be achieved utilizing the technique for installment settled upon in the start of the task ie; discount with a money order or discount with charge card.

Also, The full discounts will be handled and sent inside 50 work days of the date of scratch-off and will be achieved utilizing the technique for installment settled upon in the start of the task ie; discount with a money order or discount with Visa.


Craftwebz may out of the blue, without earlier notification under its only prudence, revise this arrangement occasionally. You are along these lines mentioned to occasionally survey this approach. Your proceeded with utilization of Craftwebz site after any such revisions consequently suggests your acknowledgment of the equivalent thereof.

Reaching us with respect to our discount strategy If you have questions or ideas in regards to our discount approaches generous email us.